Options for the HACKs for check_* in sendmail 8.8 (beta)

Last Update 1999-11-24


The beta version of the HACKs (last update: 1998-12-28) for the check_* rulesets in sendmail 8.8 introduces some new options, which are listed and explained here.

List of Options

Defines a class of local users who can only mail to local domains. In this version, local refers to $=w. The optional argument (default: /etc/mail/LocalOnly ) defines the name of the file of local user names.
used by: check_rcpt4.m4 (introduced in version 3.2.0, 1998-10-24).
can be used to refer to another DNS based blacklist and _MAPS_RBL_URL_3_ should be defined as some URL pointing to an explanation.
used by: check_mail3.m4 (introduced in version 3.9.17, 1999-02-27).


The beta version fixes a bug in check_rcpt4.m4 when _SPAM_HATERS_ and _CHECK_MAIL_IN_RCPT_ are used. Thanks to Nathan Edwards for the noticing the bug and providing extended debugging information. There is still a problem: if mail is send from a sender (address, domain) that is allowed to use the the server as relay, then the sender address is not checked even if the recipient is listed as spam hater. Proposal from Nathan Edwards for this case: ... go and LART the spammer personally with a big heavy object...

An experimental fix (not tested with 8.8) can be enabled by define(`_SPH_FIX_').

Version numbers

The version numbers of the beta versions are not updated for each change, I would run out of numbers too soon. Just the date of the latest change is updated.
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