Using a Map for RelayTo in check_rcpt

Last Update 1999-11-24
The check_rcpt ruleset can optionally use a class
F{RelayTo} /etc/mail/RelayTo
to list all hosts you relay mail to or accept mail for, which is used in the ruleset removelocal that is called in check_rcpt :
R$+			$:$>removelocal $1
Some people asked for a solution using a map instead of a class (having the usual advantages: no restart of the sendmail daemon necessary etc). Here is a solution (an old version has been posted to comp.mail.sendmail ): Introduce a map like this:
Kisrt dbm -a@RELAYTO /etc/mail/isrt
with entries in the form
allowed.domain  RELAYTO
(the RHS does not matter in this version.) Next, put this ruleset in your .cf:
R$*<@$+.>$*		$:$1<@$(isrt $2 $:$2.$)>$3
R$*<@$*@RELAYTO>$*		$>removelocal $>3 $1 $3
#R$*<@$=w.>$*		$:$>removelocal $>3 $1 $3
R$*<@$-.$+.>$*		$>removelocal $1<@$3.>$4
R$*<@$*>$*		$@ $1<@$2>$3
# dequote local part
R$-			$: $>3 $(dequote $1 $)
R$*<@$*>$*		$: $>removelocal $1<@$2>$3

This version does not take entries in class w into account, you have to add them to the map, or you have to enable the rule

R$*<@$=w.>$*		$:$>removelocal $>3 $1 $3
removelocal checks not just for exact match on domains, but also for subdomains. For example, if you have    RELAYTO
in your map, and someone wants to mail to
the ruleset should allow this.
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