cf/README for sendmail 8.12.3

Eric Allman of the Sendmail Consortium

Directory Layout

Within this directory are several subdirectories, to wit:

m4General support routines. These are typically very important and should not be changed without very careful consideration.
cfThe configuration files themselves. They have ".mc" suffixes, and must be run through m4 to become complete. The resulting output should have a ".cf" suffix.
ostypeDefinitions describing a particular operating system type. These should always be referenced using the OSTYPE macro in the .mc file. Examples include "bsd4.3", "bsd4.4", "sunos3.5", and "sunos4.1".
domainDefinitions describing a particular domain, referenced using the DOMAIN macro in the .mc file. These are site dependent; for example, "CS.Berkeley.EDU.m4" describes hosts in the CS.Berkeley.EDU subdomain.
mailerDescriptions of mailers. These are referenced using the MAILER macro in the .mc file.
shShell files used when building the .cf file from the .mc file in the cf subdirectory.
featureThese hold special orthogonal features that you might want to include. They should be referenced using the FEATURE macro.
hackLocal hacks. These can be referenced using the HACK macro. They shouldn't be of more than voyeuristic interest outside the .Berkeley.EDU domain, but who knows?
siteconfigSite configuration -- e.g., tables of locally connected UUCP sites.