SASL mechanisms

SASL mechanism name
Document Reference
ANONYMOUS Anonymous SASL Mechanism RFC 2245 Chris Newman <>
PLAIN Plain login mechanism (single step) RFC 2595 Chris Newman <>
LOGIN Plain login mechanism (two step)
No specification exists
Mark Crispin <MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU>
CRAM-MD5 Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism RFC 2195 John C. Klensin <>,

Randy Catoe <>,

Paul Krumviede <>

    Revision of CRAM-MD5 draft-nerenberg-sasl-crammd5-01.txt Editor - Lyndon Nerenberg <>
OTP The One-Time-Password SASL Mechanism RFC 2444 Chris Newman <>
PASSDSS-3DES-1 DSS Secured Password Authentication Mechanism draft-newman-sasl-passdss-01.txt Chris Newman <>
SCRAM-MD5 Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) draft-newman-auth-scram-03.txt Chris Newman <>
DIGEST-MD5 Digest Authentication as a SASL Mechanism RFC 2831 Paul Leach <>,

Chris Newman <>

    AES cipher for DIGEST-MD5 draft-melnikov-sasl-digest-aes-00.txt Alexey Melnikov <>


SASL GSSAPI mechanisms:

GSSAPI is for Kerberos V5 GSSAPI

GSS-algorithm is for GSSAPI algorithm, other than Kerberos V5


Updates GSSAPI definition in RFC 2222

John G. Myers <>
KERBEROS_V4 Kerberos V4 RFC 2222 John G. Myers <>
SKEY S/KEY (defined in RFC 1760) One-Time-Password SASL that uses MD4 digest algorithm. 

Obsoleted by OTP

RFC 2222 John G. Myers <>
EXTERNAL Mechanism that verifies (PPP, IPSec, SSL/TLS, ) RFC 2222

Revision in draft-myers-saslrev-01.txt

John G. Myers <>



X.509 Authentication SASL Mechanisms:
  • "X509-C-<algorithm>" for client authentication only  
  • "X509-S-<algorithm>" for server authentication only  
  • "X509-B-<algorithm>" for client and server authentication. In this case client authentication is done prior to server authentication. 
draft-ietf-ldapext-x509-sasl-03.txt Steve Kille <>
ROAMING-ELGAMAL ROAMING-ELGAMAL SASL Authentication Mechanism draft-overell-roaming-elgamal-sasl-00.txt P. Overell <>
SECURID The SecurID(r) SASL Mechanism RFC 2808 Magnus Nystrom <>,

John Brainard <>

Secure Remote Password SASL Mechanism
draft-burdis-cat-srp-sasl-06.txt K.R. Burdis <>,

R. Naffah <>



ISO/IEC 9798-3 Authentication SASL Mechanism.

  • "9798-U-<algorithm>" for unilateral client authentication.
  • "9798-M-<algorithm>" for mutual authentication.
Currently defined <algorithm>s:
  • DSA-SHA1
RFC 3163 Robert Zuccherato <>

Magnus Nystrom <>

SM2-<SASL-mechanism-name> SM2 -- A Session Management Capable SASL Mechanism draft-naffah-cat-sasl-sm2-01.txt David Taylor <>

Raif S. Naffah <>

NTLM Proprietary Microsoft authentication mechanism   Registered by Paul Leach <>
NMAS_LOGIN, NMAS_AUTHEN ?   Registered by Mark G. Gayman <>


SASL profiles
Document Reference
SMTP RFC 2554 John G. Myers <>
POP3 RFC 1734 John G. Myers <>
IMAP4 RFC 2060
(see AUTHENTICATE command)
M. Crispin <MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU>
ACAP RFC 2244 Chris Newman <>,
John G. Myers <>
BEEP RFC 3080 Marshall T. Rose <>
LDAP LDAPv3 (RFC 2251) Mark Wahl <>,
Tim Howes 
Steve Kille  <>
Authentication Methods for LDAP (RFC 2829) M. Wahl <>
H. Alvestrand <>
J. Hodges <>
R. Morgan <>
NNTP Draft expired Chris Newman <>
Telnet Draft expired Chris Newman <>
HTTP draft-nystrom-http-sasl-02.txt    Magnus Nystrom <>

   Alexey Melnikov <>

   Robert Zuccherato <>

HTTP (alternative proposal) draft-burdis-http-sasl-00.html K.R. Burdis <>



Document Reference
Java draft-weltman-java-sasl-04.txt Rob Weltman <>

Rosanna Lee <>

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