You are blocked?

Last Update 2001-09-24

Remember: It's my free decision to decide from whom I want to accept e-mail. Nobody got the right to send me e-mail. See also the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List for an explanation.

If your e-mail is a question about sendmail, then you should either post it comp.mail.sendmail or send it to as explained in the README file.

If you really need to send me personally an e-mail, send it to:

ca + blocked  at  endmail dot org

of course you have to replace "at" and "dot" appropriately.

Your site may also be blocked because of a non-RFC-conformant MTA:

must be accepted. For example, something like this:
220 X1 NT-ESMTP Server SOME.STUPID.HOST (IMail 4.06 10848-9)
501 bogus mail from
is plain wrong. Obviously some people can't read but believe they can implement MTAs.