Problem with check_rcpt and new proposal

Last Update 1999-11-24

Problem with old check_rcpt

In the old check_rcpt ruleset we used

R$* % $*		$: relay attempt
R$* @ $* < @ $* . >	$: relay attempt
to detect unauthorized relaying by using addresses like these:
However, addresses like
are probably valid in your domain (if it is ). So, what can we do about this? First: we can ignore it: they should use correct e-mail addresses, not this stuff. Second, we could try to handle it too. This requires in principle to do the same stuff as it is done in ruleset 0. If ruleset 0 resolves the address to the local mailer, the address is ok. However, it is worth it?

New proposal

There is a new proposal which tries to overcome these deficiencies.

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