Other Patches and Additions for sendmail and Known Problems

Last Update 2003-03-01


Some of these patches are unofficial and unsupported, use at your own risk!

Patches and Additions for the sendmail binary


Minor known problems in sendmail

[to be filled in when I have more time, see the RELEASE_NOTES of the latest version]

Minor known cf problems in sendmail

Minor known cf problems in sendmail 8.11

Minor known cf problems in sendmail 8.10

sendmail 8.8 and older

Please upgrade to the latest sendmail version.

Additions for the sendmail configuration files

Known Problems

Anti-Relay: possible conflict with UUCP/nouucp

sendmail 8.9.x has a problem with the anti-relay rules in a particular case: (taken from the cf/README file of the next release)

NOTICE: It is possible to relay mail through a system which the anti-relay rules do not prevent: the case of a system that doesn't use FEATURE(`route_uucp') (system A) and relays local messages to a mail hub (e.g., via LOCAL_RELAY or LUSER_RELAY) (system B). If system B does use FEATURE(`route_uucp'), addresses of the form <example.net!user@local.host> would be relayed to <user@example.net>. System A doesn't recognize `!' as an address separator and therefore forwards it to the mail hub which in turns relays it because it came from a trusted local host. So if a mailserver allows UUCP (bang-format) addresses, all systems from which it allows relaying should do the same.

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