New Macros

Name Description
${auth_authen} authentication credentials
${auth_type} mechanism used for authentication
${auth_author} authorization identity (MAIL AUTH= parameter)
${rcpt_mailer} mailer from parsed recipient address ($#mailer)
${rcpt_host} host from parsed recipient address ($@ host)
${rcpt_addr} address from parsed recipient address ($: address)
${mail_mailer} mailer from parsed sender address ($#mailer)
${mail_host} host from parsed sender address ($@ host)
${mail_addr} address from parsed sender address ($: address)
${client_resolve} result of the resolve call for ${client_name} (OK, FAIL, FORGED, or TEMP)
${dsn_notify} DSN NOTIFY= value
${dsn_envid} DSN ENVID= value
${dsn_ret} DSN RET= value
${msg_size} SIZE= value until actual size computed
${deliveryMode} current delivery mode
${ntries} number of delivery attempts
${load_avg} current load average.
${daemon_info} daemon information (e.g. SMTP+queueing@00:30:00)
${daemon_addr} daemon IP address (e.g.,
${daemon_family} daemon family (inet, inet6, etc.)
${daemon_name} daemon name
${daemon_port} daemon port
${queue_interval} queue run interval (e.g., 00:30:00)
${if_name} hostname of interface of incoming connection
${if_addr} address of interface of incoming connection
${hdr_name} name of the header field during H* ruleset run
${currHeader} header value as quoted string in the macro
${hdrlen} length of the header value
$={persistentMacros} macros to be stored in the queue file for the message
$={VirtHost} class for matching virtusertable entries