sendmail 8.9.0 released

Last Update 1998-05-20
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 21:49:42 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <199805200449.VAA04254@knecht.Sendmail.ORG>
From: Eric Allman <not-for-spam@Sendmail.ORG>
To: sendmail-announce@Sendmail.ORG
Subject: sendmail 8.9.0 released


I am pleased to announce the release of sendmail 8.9.  This version
focuses on spam control, with many new features allowing mail system
administrators to restrict spam through their system.  The most
notable change is that unrestrained ("promiscuous") SMTP relaying
is no longer allowed by default.  This may require some additional
configuration to list the domains other than your own for which
you are providing relay service.  In particular, if you run as a
backup MX server for another domain or allow SMTP access for message
submission from programs such as Eudora, you will have to explicitly
list the domains that are permitted to use your SMTP server.  See for some suggestions.
Please note that you _must_ generate new configuration files using
the M4 technique in order to get most of the spam control features.
Direct hacking of the .cf file is deeply discouraged.

Another important change is that this version is much pickier about
checking file modes -- in many cases sendmail 8.9 may refuse to read
files that 8.8 was happy to accept, such as files in group-writable
directories.  The reason for this change is that there are cases where
this may represent a security problem in your system configuration.
If you have cases where you want sendmail to go ahead and read some
files (for example, if you have files in group writable directories
and you really do control access to the groups properly), then you can
use the DontBlameSendmail option to disable selected checks.  See for some hints
on how to use this option.

The license has also changed to reflect the fact that the technology
has been transfered from me individually to Sendmail, Inc.  This
license permits unrestricted use, redistribution, and modification
provided that redistributions are made at cost OR have source code
included.  Other redistribution terms, always royalty-free, are
available from Sendmail, Inc.

The source code is available from

There is also a .Z file for the gzip-impaired; other than the
compression algorithm it is identical to the .gz file (please fetch
only one of the .gz or .Z files).  The .sig file is a PGP signature
for the .tar file; the signer is:

Type bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024/D432E19D 1998/03/14 Sendmail Signing Key/1998 <sendmail@Sendmail.ORG>
          Key fingerprint =  F9 32 40 A1 3B 3A B6 DE  B2 98 6A 70 AF 54 9D 26 

See the RELEASE_NOTES file in the tarball for details of the changes
in this release.  I'm not including it here because of its size.

Bugs should be reported to sendmail-bugs@Sendmail.ORG.  If you are
curious about Sendmail, Inc., please see
for the corporate web page.  The web page
has also been redesigned -- in particular, check out the new killer

Eric Allman		 eric@Sendmail.COM	+1-510/594-3153 (work)
Chief Technical Officer	 1401 Park Avenue	+1-510/594-3155 (fax)
Sendmail, Inc.		 Emeryville, CA  94608

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