Patches for sendmail

Last Update 2001-08-02


Some of these patches are unofficial and unsupported, use at your own risk!

Patches for the sendmail binary

Known problems in sendmail 8.11

sendmail 8.10

Known problems in sendmail 8.10

There is a problem on some Solaris versions with putc() which returns EOF if 0xff is used as argument and the buffer is flushed. A patch based on the changes made for sendmail 8.11 should fix the problem; otherwise e-mails which contain 0xff may "grow" to huge sizes.

Known problems in sendmail 8.10.0

sendmail 8.10.0 has the following known problems (which were discovered after the release by some users): Both problems are fixed in sendmail 8.10.1.

Known problems in sendmail 8.10 caused by other software

sendmail 8.10.{0,1} seems to have a problem on Solaris 7 and 8 when used in conjunction with Berkeley DB 3 if both are compiled with gcc instead of Sun's C compiler. Apply a patch from Sleepycat.

sendmail 8.9

Patches for the sendmail configuration files

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